20-21 March, 2018
Rafael Hotel Madrid Norte

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Download Solution Provider Information Pack

The Solution Provider Information Pack gives you detail and insight into the business development opportunities available at the Exchange. Allowing you to visualise how your company can benefit from attending the event, meeting with the senior attendees and, perhaps most importantly, discover how the Exchange model can ensure you are securing the right business, at the right time.

Download the RPA & AI Exchange 2017 Post Event Report

In September 2017, the RPA & AI Exchange connected 70 C-level executives and VPs/Directors/Heads of RPA & AI with a selection of the most innovative solutions and services providers in this sector to find solutions to their biggest challenges. The Post Event Report provides an indepth analysis of the attendees, the central themes that arose from discussing the challenges keeping  these C-level executives awake at night, and the industry trends driving high levels of investment across the broad technology and service provider landscape, featuring exclusive interviews, presentations, stats and much more.

Investment Stages and Timescale Implementation Infographic 2018

Ahead of the RPA & AI Exchange Europe 2018, we surveyed senior executive delegates from Unilever, HSBC,  AXA, eBay, Adidas, AkzoNobel,  Ericsson and many more to find out in which investment stage they are currently sitting when it come to their RPA & AI investment priorities.  We also looked at the specific timescales in which they are implementing them and have collated the results of this exclusive survey into the infographic below.


Download the 2017 RPA & AI Exchange Agenda

Download the agenda for the RPA & AI Exchange to find out more about the interactive Discussion Groups, ThinkTanks and Masterclasses that will be taking place and who will be leading them.

Download the RPA & AI Top Investment Priorities for 2017

Ahead of the 2017 RPA and AI Exchange, attendees were asked what their top challenges were and where they plan to invest in the next 6 - 18 months. Download to get the full results.

Robotics Process Automation - 5 Key Facts

Advances in technology mean that RPA and Artifical Intelligence are being explored all the time.

To get a better idea of the RPA landscape, the PEX Network and SSON surveyed our audience of senior professionals to see how their companies are approaching automation. 

Get your copy to find out the five most important findings from our sruvey.


Boots Presentation: Case Study - Pilot Automation Case Study: What should a successful RPA pilot scheme look like?

Laura Southam, Robotics Process Automation Manager, Finance Shared Services, Boots

Laura joined us at the 2017 RPA & AI Exchange to speak about her RPA piloting journey at Boots. She demonstrated what a successful RPA pilot scheme should look like and explained some of the obstacles you are likely to face when starting your journey. Boots have automated 9 processes so far and are continuing to develop their RPA programme in Laura’s capable hands! A great success story which, judging by all the photos of the slides that were taken, you can certainly learn a lot from.

School of Economics and Political Science Presentation: RPA The Real Risks and Smart Actions of Leading Companies

Lesley Wilcox, Professor of Technology Work and Globalisation, School of Economics and Political Science offered a fresh view on RPA & AI, sharing some ‘lessons learnt’ stories with us from the numerous case studies he has researched over the years. He even tackled some of the myths surrounding RPA & AI with surprising revelations. Moreover, Professor Wilcox was able to break down the facts for us: what RPA can really do for your business; the risks of implementing RPA and how to get stakeholder buy in.

Analyst Presentation: Intelligent RPA - Taking Automation to the Next Level

Philip Carnelley, Research Director at IDC Europe subject of choice was intelligent RPA and taking automation to the next level. Many of our delegates felt reassured to hear that most companies are still in the experimental stages of implementing RPA and few are really advanced. It’s also interesting to hear that finance are currently leading the way in RPA. Not really surprising seeing as it’s possible to automate 60 - 80% of finance processes! GDPR was highlighted as something we should all be thinking about, consumer rights are due to change and according to Philip 30-40% of companies are not prepared for it (a quick show of hands consolidated his point).